Fall Favorites: Lipstick

IT’S FINALLY FALL!! I am so excited; the weather is cooler, the days are shorter and I’m not going to sweat my makeup off! There’s so many different things I love about fall and I can’t fit it all into one post so I’m starting a new series called “Fall Favorites”. This week’s fall favorite post will be about must have lipstick shades for the autumn. When I think of fall lipstick I think of dark berries, purples and browns. Being the MAC junkie I am, I already have my list of must have lipsticks for this new season.

The first must have lipstick is one of the darkest, if not the darkest, lipstick MAC has to offer.Cyber is described as an “intense blackish-purple” and that’s exactly what it is. With a satin finish, it will give your lips a look to die for.

The second must have by MAC has to be Instigator. Instigator is a “deep blackened plum”. With a matte finish, it is perfect for long wear and it will last all day with minimal touch ups.

The third lipstick on my list is Mehr. It is so hard to find a perfect nude for my Indian skin and although Mehr isn’t a dark, vampy color, it is perfect for the days you don’t want a dramatic look. It’s described as a “dirty blue pink” and has a matte finish.

My fourth favorite is Rebel. Rebel is such a pretty berry; it is the perfect middle between purple and red. Rebel being a cult favorite, is one of MAC’s most popular shades and has a lineup of dupes to show it. It is described as a “midtonal cream plum” and has a satin finish that will give your lips the slightest luster.

And last but not least, my final must have is Diva. Diva is an “intense reddish-burgundy”. I love this lipstick because it is a matte. Although it compares to Rebel, the finish is what really won me over. Mattes last all day and don’t fade away compared to satin and glossy finishes.

Until next week’s Fall Favorites,

xoxo Suki


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